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Convenient mobile phone repair locations in Sydney CBD & open 7 days per week in Bondi Junction. You can visit us in store today or post your device from anywhere in Australia. Offering you fast services, affordable prices and quality work guaranteed from Australia’s longest established repair specialists. We can fix almost issue you are experiencing and our expert technicians offers you the highest quality iPhone repair services in Sydney.

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Screen Protection 

Protect your phone with Tempered Glass Screen Protection. Up to 9 times harder than normal glass & super scratch resistant, tempered glass is the best way to protect your screen from breaking. Premium curved edge, flexi glass, camera lens protection and liquid glass options are all available at any Fone Fix store.

Special Offer: Standard tempered glass screen protection is installed for FREE with every iPhone screen replacement or half price with any iPhone case.

Fone Fix Damage Cover options are also available and we can provide you with service reports to assist with Insurance Claims.


Phone Accessories

We stock some of the world’s leading Phone Accessories from top selling brands including Lifeproof, Otterbox and EFM. Get the latest protection for the new iPhone XS, XS Max & iPhone XR now in store.

Motorbike holder


Premium phone holders available for motorbikes, bicycles, cars and sports.

Perfecting our craft since 1993

From mobile phone repairs and extracting lost data, to sourcing the latest technology in breakage prevention. We have been perfecting and refining our craft since 1993 and our expert technicians and friendly service team can help you with any phone related issue. If you are unable to find the service you need, please refer to our Fone Fix Repair Services or contact a member of our team and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Phone Screen Repairs

Screen Repair and replacement services are available for all leading models and brands including Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Microsoft, iPad and Apple iPhone. Most common phone screens can be replaced within 30 minutes and free screen protection is available with any iPhone Repair service. If your phone is still functional, it’s always good practice and we highly recommend that you backup your data before anyone repairs or services your device.

iPhone Repairs

The iPhone is by far the most common phone used in Australia. Naturally since it’s launch in June 2007. We have encountered every imaginable fault you could experience with all iPhone models. Thankfully, most iPhone repairs are fairly straightforward and iPhone Screen Repairs can be fixed within 20-30 minutes upon arrival. If your Apple manufacture warranty has expired or has been voided due to damage. We also have options available for out of warranty iPhone repairs.

iPad Repairs

90% of iPad Repairs are for screen damage. iPad Screen Repair Services are available from any Fone Fix store.  If you have broken your display or cracked your front glass, we can replace your screen and restore its function back to normal. If there is any additional damage to your iPad, other than to the display. Please contact a member of our team as we may have a more cost effective solution for you. We have discounted service available for iPad School Repairs with no lock-in contacts.

Phone Battery Replacement

Even with regular use, your phone battery should get you through the entire day.  If your phone is old and you have maxed your charging cycles. Your Battery is draining quickly, powering off, faulty or damaged. We can offer you Fast Battery Replacement Services for almost any phone model. We can also offer you helpful advice regarding battery maintenance, helping to keep your phones in use for longer.

Data Recovery Services

We can recover your lost Photos, Videos, Messages & Notes from a range of phone models, hard drives and laptops. If your device is damaged beyond repair, liquid damaged or just wont start. Speak to us about Data Recovery Services. Deleted, lost and inaccessible data can be retrieved by our recovery experts form even the most severe damage.

Network Unlocking

Just arrived in Sydney? Unlock your phone to accept any Australian sim card. We have international carrier unlocking solutions for most phone models and carriers including Verizon, Claro, EE, O2, Orange, AT&T, Sprint and Telus plus much more. Most unlock services can be performed remotely so you can hang onto your phone during the unlocking process.

Software Faults

All new smart phones connect to the internet and require constant syncing, downloading, updating and software upgrading. Each process your devices goes through could result in some kind of software error or virus. Functionality can be affected and your phone may get stuck in a “boot loop”. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, our services for Software Faults can restore your phone back to its original working order.

Mail-in Repair Services

If you are out of state or in a rural part of Australia, don’t worry. You can always mail-in your device into any Fone Fix store. We can usually fix your issue and post back to you within the same day of arrival. Please ensure your device is securely packaged and includes your contact information. Furthermore, remember to remove any memory cards, sim cards and accessories before posting.

Company Repair Services

We offer specialised Repairs For Businesses and Repairs For Education Departments. Services for specialist business equipment are available  including Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Repairs, All company account holders enjoy priority repair services, special discounts, direct invoicing, free Sydney CBD courier collections and more. Speak to us about our tailored services for business.

Hardware Repair Services

Think of any small or handheld electronic device (especially ones that connect to the internet) the same as any computer.  Computer hardware malfunctions can range from a minor setting that is incorrect, to spyware, viruses, and as far as replacing hardware and an entire operating system. All of these malfunctions can be serviced onsite at any Fone Fix  service centre.  Off-site repairs and services are also available for business account holders located in Sydney CBD. We can also take back and old or damaged equipment for recycling. While computer hardware configurations vary widely, for Computer/ Smartphone Repairs, our  technicians generally work with five general categories of hardware; desktop computers, laptops, servers, computer clusters and smartphones / mobile computing. Fone Fix Technicians also repair a range of peripherals, including input devices (keyboards, mice, and scanners), output devices (displays, printers, and speakers), and data storage devices, internal and external hard drives. Our Technicians also work with networking hardware, including routers, switches and wireless networks.

Electronic Testing Process

Before, during and after any hardware repair, devices are put through a device under test (DUT) phase, also known as equipment under test (EUT) and unit under test (UUT), our technicians perform full functionality testing, diagnostic and calibration checks. This ensures the product is performing in accordance with the original product specification. In the electronics industry a DUT is any electronic assembly under test. For example, if a phone is damaged but still functional, a full test of the device can be performed.  Each device is then tested again at multiple stages of the repair process. During each stage the phone or device under test is briefly in the DUT phase. For circuit boards, the DUT is often connected to the test equipment used to perform the repair.

iOS Software Testing

Software issues can occur for many reasons. Adjusting one or several settings or preferences, even more involved techniques like installing, uninstalling, or installing various software packages are just some of the aspects involved in software unit testing. Functionality of the device is essentially tested using the internal operating system and is used to customize your user experience and navigate to your data. Outside of Data recovery Services. Fone Fix is not responsible for any loss of information during any repair process and we strongly recommend, if your device is working. Always back your data up first.

Fone Fix Franchise Opportunities

We are now offering opportunities for Fone Fix Franchise Investments Australia wide. You can now partner with Australia’s longest established mobile phone repair experts. Low start-up costs, fast returns and huge growth potential, find out more about working with us today.

See some of our customer reviews from

Very happy

“Very happy to receive my repaired iPad 2 back today! Visited the Apple Store & they advised they cld not repair. Popped around to fone fix (on Sunday). They offered to repair or not charge. The best news is they repaired & I happily paid a small fee to obtain my iPad back in perfect working order. Great customer service”

So lucky I found this shop

“Fone Fix Bondi saved me! My IPhone 6 wouldn’t turn on anymore and just shows a black screen after my travels and I was thinking I will loose all my data, photos and memories! The apple store gave me a number of another shop where they told me it would cost me 500-1500 $ to recover the data! I am so lucky I found this shop”

Fantastic job

“I was in a rush today, and popped in quickly to see if they could fix my iPhone 6plus with a new tempered glass screen protector. Shaun had it done in less than 5 minutes (less if I stopped talking) and did a fantastic job. I can’t thank him enough!”

100% recommendation

“Such a helpful and lovely guy! He fixed a problem with my sound button in under 5 mins and free of charge!! 100% recommend him to anyone!”

Unbelievable customer service

“I only go to Fone Fix. I tried several other places and this one beats them all. Awesome service, great prices and unbelievable customer service.”

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