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Expert Data Recovery Sydney based services. Fone Fix specialises in Apple iPhone, power issues, severe breakage and water damaged devices. Data extraction is often a difficult and complex process that presents many challenges. In most instances, devices that require this service are severely damaged and beyond economic repair. Fortunately, our expert recovery technicians can retrieve family holidays photos and irreplaceable documents from even the most extreme damage. Contact us, visit us in store or post your device to us from anywhere in Australia.

Mobile phone data recovery

We specialise in data recovery from mobile devices. Your phone can experience a number of issues that could result in loss of data. Fortunately, accidental deletion, water damage and loss through software errors can all be recovered at any Fone Fix store.

iPhone Data Recovery

Full iTunes backups are available for any model of iPhone. In most instances we can clone an exact copy of your lost data from the last instance that your phone was functional.

Hard drive data recovery

For open hard drive recovery, you can be charged up to and sometimes over $2000 from other recovery companies. Fully fitted clean rooms are required to prevent disc damage during the extraction process. These clean rooms are extremely expensive to set up and this will naturally reflect in the cost of the service provided. Thankfully, for the vast majority of recovery jobs, clean room services are not required and our data recovery  is available from only $300.

What is the recovery success rate?

We can successfully recover the data of a mobile phone, hard drive or laptop at around 80% regardless of the damage or fault. The success rate depends mostly on the technician performing the recovery. In any extraction process the said device’s motherboard will need to be powered on in order to recover the files. The technician needs to be equally skilled in both hardware and software electronic repairs as once the main board is powered on, the window of opportunity to actually extract the data is often tiny. Both the hardware and software work needs to be performed simultaneously if there is any chance of success. Fone Fix’s recovery technicians have been specifically headhunted as experts in both fields, ensuring the best result for you and your data recovery success.

How is the data recovered?

For almost all data recovery services the phone is unable to turn on. Data can be extracted using methods including, hardware repairs and software manipulation or a combination of both. When we successfully recovery the lost data, it can then be stored on a hard drive, USB or transferred directly back onto another compatible device.

How your information is kept secure

Strict processes and procedures are followed at all times to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. You will be able to see the data that has been successfully recovered upon collection and any data stored on site will be automatically deleted within 6 days of collection, giving you plenty of time to do an additional backups.

Data Recovery Pricing & Turnaround Time

Data RecoveryRecovery CostService Time
Any recoverable sets of data$300.00Standard: 7 – 14 business days
Any recoverable sets of data$1000.00Express: 1-2 Business Days

In the unlikely event we are unsuccessful in recovering your data. You will not be charged an attempt fee

Some companies charge attempt fees even if your data is inaccessible and cannot be recovered. At Fone Fix, we are so confident in our tried and tested recovery processes, in the unlikely event we are unsuccessful in getting your data back, you will not be charged for the service

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