iPhone Back Glass Repair Sydney

Professional iPhone back glass repair services in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and Phone X , XS, XR and XS Max have a thin glass backing that can easily get broken.

Due to the nature of the design, there is a significant amount of work involved to replace the rear glass panel and the parts to repair the damage are expensive. This cost is reflected in the price and turnaround times.

iPhone Back Glass RepairRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone XR (Back Glass + Housing)$2003-24 hours
iPhone XS MAX (Back Glass + Housing)$2503-24 hours
iPhone X/XS (Back Glass + Housing)$2503-24 hours
iPhone 8 (Back Glass + Housing)$2003-24 hours
iPhone 8 Plus (Back Glass + Housing)$2003-24 hours

iPhone 8, 8 Plus & iPhone X Back Glass Repairs

Why Does It Cost so Much?

Back glass repairs for iPhone models are much more labour intensive than other common repair services. In addition, the iPhone back glass component is manufactured with the entire housing/frame attached as one complete unit.

This additional time and cost makes the iPhone rear glass replacement more expensive than it should be for “just a piece of glass” right? We agree, and we’re on your side, the last thing we want is for Apple to design their new devices this way. It’s not good for us, Apple or you the consumer. So why make it this way? Well that’s a question for Apple, but we have our suspicions.

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Is It Possible to Replace The Back Glass Without The Frame?

Yes, it is possible for us to replace the back glass panel alone, leaving the original housing on the device. And yes, this option is cheaper, around $250. However, It comes at a different cost! Have you ever yourself, seen live or watched on YouTube anyone remove the back panel? believe me, it’s a nightmare, the adhesive Apple use to bond the glass to the internal backing plate, is very, very strong. You end up spending an enormous amounts of time picking away at tiny shards of glass, one shard at a time. No heat gun, heat plate or special adhesive removers are going to help you I’m afraid.

Unfortunately the glass does not break off in chunks as it would when you crack a sheet of ice, it’s painstaking, and unless the technician doing the repair is highly experienced, most likely, the new glass will not sit 100% flush with the housing. We highly recommend to our customers, when replacing the back glass on any iPhone model, to use the parts that come with the new housing attached. It may cost you more, but will save you in the future. iPhone’s hold their value extremely well, that’s if they are in good condition. A botched back glass repair will certainly devalue your iPhone significantly.

How Much do Apple Charge To Replace The Back Glass Of An iPhone?

Always check the Apple website for up to date information on their pricing and servicing. However, the last time we checked, Apple did not offer repairs or replacement services for damage to the back panel of their devices. You had the option to swap your iPhone entirely for a refurbished one, including a fee. As they do not repair the glass itself, the fee amount was calculated based on the refurbished handset replacement.

So basically, the price Apple charge for the back glass is exactly the same for ones that have been run over by a car, bent in half or drowned down the toilet. The phone has been designed in such a way that even Apple themselves don’t want to fix it.

Can I Still Use My iPhone With A Broken Back?

Yes, If your iPhone is still functional and the only damage is to the rear of the device, then you can certainly carry on using it as if nothing has happened. After all, how often do you actually look at the back of your phone?

Obviously the device will be more exposed to moisture and dust but a good protective case should solve that problem. If the damage is just a tiny hairline crack, then tempered glass protection in another option, the protective glass will hold the broken glass in place and is great for a temporary solution. Damage to the rear glass may affect the wireless charging feature but normal wall charging should not be affected.


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