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Professional Samsung Galaxy repairs Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction, we can provide you with fast Samsung repair services. Screen Repairs, Data Recovery, Back Glass and Camera replacements are all available at any Fone Fix store.

Samsung ModelScreen Repair Price
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra$520
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus$480
Samsung Galaxy S20$450
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G$450
Samsung Galaxy S10e$420
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus$550
Samsung Galaxy S10$420
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus$350
Samsung Galaxy S9$350
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus$350
Samsung Galaxy S8$330
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge$300
Samsung Galaxy S7

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We Can Fix Almost Any Samsung Issue

There are a number of issues that can effect the functionality of your phone. Fortunately, most damaged components for Samsung phones can be replaced. Please see below a list of repair services we offer for Samsung devices. Please refer to the repair questionnaire or fault page for exact pricing for your particular issue.

Phone repair servicesRepair Price from
Screen Repairs$89
Back Glass Repair$60
Battery / Charging Fault$80
Buttons & Switches$60
Camera Lens$40
Camera Repair$80
Data Recovery$200
Network Unlocking$80
No Power$40
Software Fault$120
Sound Faults$80
Water Damage$120

Common Samsung Faults

  • Samsung Screen Damage

    Samsung Galaxy Screen Repairs

    If your Samsung is cracked or has become unresponsive we can probably just replace the screen. Some newer modes require a clamping process after the screen has been replaced, some don’t. Find out more details about Samsung Galaxy screen repairs and processes.

  • My Samsung Battery needs replacing
    Most power issues with mobile phones are caused do to some kind of battery failure. In almost all circumstances a new Samsung Battery installation will resolve the issue.
  • Samsung Back Glass Repair

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9, S10 & Galaxy S10e Broken Back Glass Replacement

    Samsung Galaxy ModelRepair FaultRepair Price
    Galaxy S20 / S20 PlusBack Glass Repair$120
    Galaxy S10/ S/S10 PlusBack Glass Repair$110
    Galaxy S10eBack Glass Repair$110
    Galaxy S9/s9 PlusBack Glass Repair$80
    Galaxy S8/S8 PlusBack Glass Repair$80
    Galaxy S7/S7 EdgeBack Glass Repair$80
    Galaxy S6/S6 EdgeBack Glass Repair$80
    Samsung Galaxy back glass replacement are normally within 2 hours upon arrival at our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction store. The new Samsung Galaxy S10e is a remarkably beautiful device. If you have not yet seen or held one, it looks and feels unlike any other phone on the market. It’s as if it was sculpted by a strange smooth alien material foreign to this planet. Unfortunately, it’s only made from glass. And glass breaks. With it’s new super sleek and slippery design we can also offer the latest in protective accessories so you don’t break your back glass again. Visit us in store or contact us to book in your Samsung back glass replacement service today.
  • My Samsung has a charging fault
    Unfortunately a very common issue with all Samsung models due to the nature of the charging connector design, being the good old micro usb port. Extremely fragile and very easy to break but in most cases can be replaced. Some Samsung charging connectors can be replaced fairly easily, other are more complex and for some, only wireless charging solutions are available.
  • Samsung, I’ve lost my data?
    Data can be lost for a number of reasons and is often more important that the device itself. In the event of loss through damage, software, human error or liquid damage read more information about our Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery service.
  • Samsung has a software failure

    Reinstall your Samsung Software or Operating System

    There are a number of reasons this might happen and is far more common with Android operating systems compared to IOS. We can restore the device back to normal and have you up and running again in no time.
  • Samsung, I can’t hear people?
    If your on a call and struggle to hear the person on the other end, or you can hear interference, we may be able to replace the earpiece and restore the sound.
  • Samsung, people can’t hear me?
    If your on a call and the person on the other end keeps repeating hello, or they struggle to hear you, we may be able to replace your microphone and fix the issue.
  • My Samsung got soaked
    Liquid damage can be a nightmare, especially salt water. Switch the device off to prevent a short circuit and call us today to run through your liquid extraction service options.
  • My Sound has gone
    No more ringtone, music or the all important alarm clock to get you up for work on time can be a nuisance, most likely the loudspeaker can be refitted or ringer can be replaced to resolve this issue.
  • Samsung buttons not working?
    If your buttons have sunken in, get stuck or just stop responding altogether, for most Samsung models these can be replaced or repaired. The home button however, for most Samsung devices are attached to the LCD. Some power button replacements are complex and require soldering work. If any of your buttons have stopped working please contact us to go through your options for the device.
  • I need to change my carrier
    Most models of Samsung devices can be unlocked within 24 hours at any Fone Fix store.  No matter the carrier or country of origin contact us to see if we can connect your Samsung to a local network or to use overseas. Unlock all Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones for pretty much every carrier in the world.
  • How do I identify my Samsung model?
    This might sound like a stupid question, but as there are so many models released each year that are very similar, it can be hard to keep track sometimes. YOu can check the exact model by a few different methods depending on your model.

    Under the battery

    For older models, you can remove the back panel and under the battery there will be white stick that will have all the device details printed on including the model.

    In the settings

    If the information sticker is missing or has faded over time, you can check for the model in the device settings, assuming it still works of course.

    Printed on the back

    Alternatively, for newer devices the model information is printed directly on the back panel or glass.

    On the box

    If you still have the original packaging, all the information you need about the device will also be printed somewhere on the box.

    Still unsure?

    If you have tried all the method above and are still no closer to knowing your model, contact us and provide your IMEI number, with this we can find the model. You can get access to the IMEI from pressing #*06# on the keypad or in the settings.

Fast, Professional Samsung Repairs

When your Samsung Galaxy needs repairs, Fone Fix can get it quickly back on its feet. Our expert technicians are located centrally in the Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction and can fix almost any fault you are experiencing.

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Avoid the 1-2 week wait time (and high prices) that sending your mobile phone to the manufacturer for screen repair typically entails. We also restore broken Sony devices and offer more complex repair services like internal microchip replacement.

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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