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If you’re seeking iPad Screen Repair Sydney, Fone Fix’s expert technicians can fix your broken display and completely restore your iPad’s functionality like new. Most iPad repairs are completed within the same day and tempered glass screen protectors worth $40 are installed for free with every replacement.

How much does it cost to fix a broken iPad?  

Best Price Guarantee: If any other iPad repair store in the same location offer a better price using the same parts, we will beat it!

Over 90% of the repairs we undertake for iPad’s is damage to the front glass. You can find our screen replacement prices below. For iPad  charging problems, in almost every case we can fix the port for only $40.

Apple iPad Screen Repair ServicesRepair Cost
iPad Pro 11 $390
iPad Pro (10.5)$300
iPad Pro (9.7)$290
iPad (10.2)$150
iPad (9.7)$120
iPad Air 2/3/4/5$280

Please Note: There can be slight price differences for the same iPad model based on the date production. If you’re unable to find the pricing for your iPad, please call us on  0293861951.

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LCD Display Damage & Replacement

When the iPad breaks, your staff can’t process sales, you can’t make presentations to new clients, and most importantly, your kids get bored and start to lose the plotiPads are complex devices with many internal components, thankfully most drops only cause damage to the front glass and the corners. The good news is, this can all be fixed. Broken glass replacements are normally completed within 1-2 hours of arrival at our Sydney and Bondi Junction Stores.

iPad Repairs For Hardware Faults

Unlike Smartphone Repairs, most internal faults for the iPad require the screen to be removed. Unfortunately the glass  will be damaged during this process as it’s pulled away from the frame and a new one will have to be installed, this in turn adds to the cost of the replacement of any internal components. Unless you have valuable data stored inside, other than screen damage, repairing your iPad may not be the best solution for you. Contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your situation for any fault and help you find the best most cost effective outcome.

Is It Worth Replacing An iPad Battery?

Replacing an Apple iPad battery is not straightforward as it is with the iPhone. Firstly, in order to replace the battery your front glass or display will need to be removed and in most cases, is likely to break during this removal process. Secondly, there is no way to determine if the new battery replacement will actually resolve your power issue as there could be an internal fault to one of the power IC chips located on the motherboard. With the additional expense of having to replace the additional parts and the uncertainty of knowing if it will fix the problem, it might be a better option to allocate those funds towards purchasing a new iPad. For some models, Apple can actually offer a part exchange/swap out for your old device when buying a new one, this can help to significantly reduce your purchase price.

iPad Repair Service For Home Button Or Fingerprint Reader Not Working

If your iPad button has stopped responding, in our experience it’s a much better, more cost effective option for you to simply activate the assistive touch feature in the settings to and bypass the home button altogether. Reason being, to replace the home button will require us to remove the screen and will likely break during the process. In addition, even after a successful home button replacement, your fingerprint reader will also stop working.

iPad Repair For Power Faults Or Lost Information

iPads with no power can be caused by a number of issues. If there are no signs of damage we would recommend checking with Apple to see if it can be replaced under warranty, However, if you replace your tablet with Apple you will lose any data on the device. If you have not done a backup, we can also provide you with data recovery options. The loss of power could also be caused by something as simple as dirt buildup in the charging connector that can be resolved within minutes for only $40. In these circumstances it’s always best to bring in your device as it won’t cost you anything to find out.

Is it worth Fixing my iPad? 

You should first weigh up the cost of the repairs against the price to buy a new one or get a refurbished model from Apple. Some iPad repairs are significantly more expensive than others depending on the model and fault. For example, if the frame is completely bent out of shape, the screen is cracked and the battery is bloated, we would certainly advise you to save your hard earned money and put it towards buying a new tablet. Thankfully, most iPad front glass replacements in Sydney are extremely cost effective options and can extend the life of your iPad for many years.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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