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Professional Microsoft Laptop Repairs in Sydney CBD & Bondi Junction

Microsoft repairs Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction including expert Microsoft Laptop Screen Repairs.

How much does it cost to repair a Microsoft laptop?

Microsoft repair cost will depend on your model, please refer to our price list or select the link above to find out more information about screen replacements. To ensure you get a fast turnaround time, please contact us prior to arrival so we can reserve the part for you on the day you arrive.


Microsoft Laptop Screen Repairs – ModelsMicrosoft Laptop Repair Price
Microsoft Pro 7 Plus$400
Microsoft Pro 7$380
Microsoft Pro 6$350
Microsoft Pro 5$350
Microsoft Pro 4$350
Microsoft Pro 3$350
Microsoft 3$300
Microsoft Pro 2$220
Microsoft Book 2 (13.5inch)$400
Microsoft Book 1 (13.5inch)$400

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How long does it take to fix a broken Microsoft Laptop?

Microsoft laptop repairs can be fixed within the same day of arrival at our Sydney or Bondi Junction stores. Laptop repairs are equally as import as mobile phone repairs, and a fast turnaround time is essential. The vast majority of Microsoft laptops are predominately used for work purposes, and any downtime can cause a disruptive chain reaction with regards to your workflow. To ensure we can repair your device as quickly as possible, please call us prior to arrival so we can set aside the part for you and can start working on your device the moment it arrives.

Do you use original Microsoft parts?

Only Microsoft can offer customers original parts for their devices. However, all Microsoft components installed at Fone Fix are of the highest quality available outside of getting your device serviced at Microsoft directly, and in most cases we can do it cheaper and faster than the manufacturer. In addition to our quality parts, during the repair we do not erase any data on your device but would always recommend customer to do a full backup before arrival as good practice.

What if my Microsoft Laptop corners are bent?

Don’t worry if the corners have sustained damage during impact and are bent inwards. The vast majority of Microsoft devices we service have bent corners and our talented technicians can rework them back into position to ensure your front screen sits perfectly into the frame.

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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