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Speedy Google Pixel repairs in Sydney City & Bondi Junction by NSW’s longest established phone repair specialist. If your Pixel phone is damaged, has stopped charging or no longer powers on, bring it to Fone Fix. Our expert Google technicians specialise in fixing all Pixel models and most repairs can be completed within 20 minutes.

How much do Google Pixel Repairs cost?

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The cost to repair a Google Pixel will vary between different models and faults. Fone Fix’s repair pricing and turnaround times are second to none and we’ll beat any written quote for the same service.

Google Phone Repair ServiceRepair Cost
Broken Screen $230 (From)
Charging Fault$80.00
Software Fault$120.00
Data Recovery$300.00

Google Screen Replacement

Cost effective solutions for Google pixel screen replacements. If you’ve cracked your display and your phone no longer works, has lines all over the screen or is interacting with the touch module by itself, replacing the LCD will most likely resolve the issue. Our super fast Pixel techs can have your display replaced and back up and running within 20-30 mins.

Google Charging Port Repairs

Don’t spend a fortune replacing your “broken” charging connector, it probably just needs a clean

The charging port of the Google phone can get easily blocked with debris from any number of places. When this happens it can become difficult to get your cable to connect properly or might stop charging altogether. Thankfully this is one of the faster and cheaper solutions with most repairs being completed within 15 minutes for only $80.00.

Can a Google phone Battery Be Replaced?

Google Pixel Battery Replacement Services

There’s a number of reasons that your Google’s battery might need replacing. You might notice it starting to swell or depleting rapidly during use. Whatever the issue you’re having with your phones power, in most instances replacing the battery will restore its capacity to 100%.

Is there a risk replacing the battery?

Yes, due to the nature of how the Google Pixel phones are disassembled, theres a small change the screen can get damaged during the battery replacement.

How long does it take to fix a Google Pixel phone?

Google phones have some of the fastest repair times of any mobile phone. Most repairs can be completed in just 20 to 30 minutes by Sydney’s most experienced phone technicians.

Where can I find Google Pixel-Certified Repairs? 

If you’re looking for certified Google Pixel repairs in Sydney you would need to get in touch with Google directly. Most manufacturer repairs will require you to send the phone away for a number of days/weeks and will most likely lose any data that was stored on the device.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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