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Get your damaged glass repaired in 30 minutes with Australia’s best repair technicians

Visit Fone Fix in Sydney for quick iPhone screen repairs. If you have a broken screen, shattered glass, cracked display or unresponsive touch issues, our expert technicians can restore your phone back to its former beauty. We also offer tempered glass protection with every replacement, perfectly installed by our steady handed technicians at no additional cost.

How much does it cost to repair my iPhone screen?

iPhone Screen Repair ModelsRepair Cost
iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Repair Service$290
iPhone 12 Pro Screen Repair Service$250
iPhone 12 Screen Repair Service$250
iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Repair Service$260
iPhone 11 Pro Screen Repair Service$210
iPhone 11 Screen Repair Service$170
iPhone XR Screen Repair Service$180
iPhone XS Max Screen Repair Service$250
iPhone X Screen Repair Service$180
iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair Service$150
iPhone 8 Screen Repair Service$139
iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair Service$140
iPhone 7 Screen Repair Service$139
iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair Service$119
iPhone 6s Screen Repair Service$109
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Service$119
iPhone 6 Screen Repair Service$109

Where can I repair my iPhone screen in Sydney?

Whatever issue you are having with your display, Fone Fix can repair it. In addition to screen replacements, we can service any fault you are experiencing. Our phones are exposed to a number of hazards, physical impact, software issues, water damage and charging faults are just some of the problems we encounter. If you are unable to find the service you need, please refer to our full range of Apple iPhone repairs in Sydney or contact us below and a member of our team will be happy to help you find a solution.


Contact us, post your device or visit us in-store and fix your iPhone in minutes!

Consumer Warning: Over the last few years, thousands of phone repair stores have opened across Sydney often quoting too good to be true prices for the “same” repair/services. Please note, not all repairs are alike and only Apple can provide you with Apple-certified parts. There is a huge difference in the quality of the parts available to repair stores. There are many different types of screens ranging from OLED, LCD, Soft, Hard, Refurbished and the prices can be over $100.00 cheaper for the lower grade stock, hence a cheaper retail repair price. Most customers are looking for good value but are totally unaware of what is being installed on their device. With any electronics, in our experience, the “cheaper” option is rarely the best for functionality and longevity. All Fone Fix parts are of the highest quality grading available outside of going to Apple directly and are installed by Australia’s best repair technicians.

How much are screen replacements at the Apple store? 

Apple iPhone repair prices in Sydney can be found by going directly to their website. They provide pricing for repairs covered under AppleCare and for devices that are out of warranty. Fone Fix’s prices are extremely competitive with Apple, more importantly there’s no need for you to book an appointment at the “genius bar” to get it fixed. If your device cannot be repaired for whatever reason, we do not charge you for the service.

If your device is damaged beyond repair and is unfixable, assuming you don’t need the information stored inside, taking your phone directly to Apple for a swap might actually be your best option. It’s worth noting that when you swap your device with Apple you will lose any information that isn’t backed up.

Where can I find Apple-certified repairs?

This is a question we get asked daily. The truth is, only Apple can offer you certified parts. They do not sell or supply stock to third parties. Why would they? Manufacturer swap programs are ideal in the event your device can’t be fixed. However, for common repairs there is more time and cost effective solutions available to you.

Pricing for repairs are based on the quality of the part being installed. Fone Fix only uses high-grade parts that have been rigorously tested prior and post installation. In the unlikely event you experience issues after the repair service, we offer a 1 year warranty. For additional information about “genuine” and “non-genuine” repairs, we would recommend for you to contact Apple directly for confirmation of official “authorised repair outlets” claiming to use “certified components”.

What if I can’t see anything on my display?

The LCD Display, front glass and the touch module mechanism come attached as one complete unit. The fully assembled part is then installed into the frame and should restore any display or visibility issues. In some cases, the glass may be completely hanging off or the LCD has totally blacked out. For others, they could be completely shattered but still functional. Regardless of how severe the damage seems, after the replacement, most devices will spring straight back to life.

After impact, it’s very common for the screens to completely black out, even if there are no signs of physical damage. In some instances the LCD display that sits directly under the front glass can get damaged with hairline cracks that are very difficult to see. If there are no cracks, the flex cables could have been disconnected from the internal circuit board and may just need reconnecting.

How long do screen replacements take?

Most iPhone glass replacements take approximately 20-30 minutes to install and no booking is required.

Is it worth fixing my Screen?

In almost all cases, the cost of a screen repair is a fraction of the price of buying a new one, so replacing the display is a much more cost effective solution than to purchase a new device. In the rare event that fixing your display does not resolve your issue, we do not charge customers for the service, so you have nothing to lose by trying.

How do I know if there’s additional damage?

When screens fail due to falls or damage, the visuals on the LCD can make it seem much worse than it actually is. Here are the most common issues you are likely to experience when your screen gets damaged that can all be fixed with a replacement.

The touch is not working

Don’t worry if you are unable to use the touch after breaking your front glass, this is totally normal. The touch module is interlaced with the actual front glass itself, so when it gets damaged, it often disables any touch interaction and the device will be temporarily unusable. The good news is, after replacing the broken screen, 99.9% of the time will restore your touch feature capabilities and you will be able to navigate your interface as you normally would.

The display is pixelated, discolouration or green lines

We have all seen a damaged TV or computer screen. Your phone screen is actually no different. When damaged, the display can show a rainbow of pixelated shapes, lines and patterns. Sometimes the function will remain but in most instances you will lose any touch feature capabilities. Intermittency, flickering and erratically shaking are also common after cracking the underlying LCD component.

The screen is covered in black blobs

Yes, the black blob is another familiar unwanted intruder. This is caused by layers of ink that are sandwiched together inside the display seeping through to your front glass. As the ink tends to bleed outwards, this will not affect any of the internal components and replacing the screen will generally fix this issue.

What if my screen breaks or gets damaged again after the repair?

It’s no secret that most modern smartphones are easy to break. The best way to manage this potential hazard is to make sure you have the best protection available or have insurance that will cover the replacement in the event it gets broken. All Fone Fix repairs come with a one year guarantee. Aside from damage, if you experience any faults with your new part within 12 months, we have you covered.

How do I prevent damage in the future?

One of the challenges manufacturing unbreakable glass is that the harder a material is made from, the more likely it is to shatter upon impact. The softer the material the more likely it is to get scratched. Steve Jobs recognised the shortcomings of plastic and encouraged the development of a prototype of what eventually became Gorilla Glass. The best way to prevent breakage is to install a high quality tempered glass protector.

Tempered glass varies in strength and can be up to 9 times stronger than the glass of the device itself. It’s also extremely scratch resistant and is much cheaper to replace. We also recommend investing in a good case that has integrated impact protective material that helps to shift the energy generated from impact away from the display.

Can I replace my screen if the frame is bent?

The iPhone frame is made from a soft aluminium material and often gets affected after impacts. Most of the time this only affects the corners but in some instances the entire body of the device can get bent and warped out of shape. Thankfully there are special reworking tools available to us that can reshape the frame back into place allowing your new screen to sit flush inside the housing.

Can I replace the screen myself?

Yes, but we would not recommend it. One mistake in the replacement process can easily ruin your phone permanently. From the thousands of repair kit suppliers you can find online, there are only a handful that supply quality parts and you will likely end up with a dud that’s a pain to return. Components purchased from online ecommerce platforms like Alibaba, Ebay and Kogan are notorious for supplying low quality parts, including installation tools that are not suitable for the work involved to complete the repair properly. There are over 22 individual steps involved in the display  replacement that you can find on the on the iFixit website. If you have limited experience, this task will take you around 2-3 hours to complete and comes with a high risk of punching the internal battery that could be extremely hazardous. Damaging the main board microchips and snapping internal component flex cables is also a likely scenario for first time repair attempts.

Pre-repair best practices

It’s good practice for you to backup your information to iTines or iCloud prior to your device being serviced. Although It’s extremely unlikely for you to lose any data during the screen replacement process, if your phone is still functional and is able to be backed up, it would be wise to take this extra precaution to ensure your information is safe.

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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