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iPhone screen repairs located in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction. If your iPhone is shattered, cracked, bleeding ink or totally dead. Our expert iPhone technicians can restore your phone back to it’s former beauty in no time. We install tempered glass protection for free with every iPhone screen replacement. Protective glass is up to nine times stronger than normal screens and we believe it’s an essential product for screen damage prevention. Retailing at $20.00, our steady handed technicians will install it for you, on site, at no extra cost.

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Our phones are exposed to a number of hazards 24/7. Physical impact, software issues, water damage and charging faults are just some of the problems we encounter. If you are unable to find the service you need. Please refer to our full range of services for iPhone repairs, or contact us below for more help.

Phone repair servicesRepair Price from
Screen Repairs$89
Back Glass Repair$60
Battery / Charging Fault$80
Buttons & Switches$60
Camera Lens$40
Camera Repair$80
Data Recovery$200
Network Unlocking$80
No Power$40
Software Fault$120
Sound Faults$80
Water Damage$120

How much do Apple charge for screen repair services? 

Apple’s iPhone repair prices can be found by going direct to their website. There you will find pricing details for repairs covered under AppleCare and out of warranty servicing. Fone Fix prices are extremely competitive with Apple. There’s no need to book an appointment at the “genius bar” and if your device cannot be fixed, there is no charge for the service. However, if your device is damaged beyond repair and unfixable, assuming you don’t need the information stored inside? Taking your phone directly to Apple for a swap is definitely your best option. In addition, it would be very rare for Apple to replace anything other than the screen. If there are signs of additional damage to the frame or any other components, Apple may only offer you a refurbished (like-for-like) handset at a discounted price. With Apple’s refurbished replacements, you will almost certainly lose any data stored on the phone.

Does Fone Fix use original Apple screens?

This is a question we get asked daily. The truth is, only Apple can offer you “Original” parts. Apple does not sell or supply stock to 3rd parties. Why would they? If your device breaks, Apple and other manufacturers obviously wants you back to the store to be up-sold new products and services. Manufacturer swap programs are ideal in the event your device can’t be fixed. However, for common repairs, there are more time and cost effective solutions available to you. Pricing for repairs are based on the quality of the part being installed. Fone Fix only uses high-grade parts that have been rigorously tested prior and post installation. In the unlikely event you experience issues after the repair, all services come with 6 months warranty. For additional information about “genuine” and “non-genuine” Apple repairs. We would recommend to contact Apple directly for confirmation of “authorised” repair outlets claiming to use “original parts”.

What if my iPhone screen is damaged and I can’t see the display?

For all iPhone models the LCD Display, the front glass and the touch module mechanism come attached as one complete unit. The fully assembled part is then installed into the frame and should restore any display or visibility issues. In some cases, the screen maybe completely hanging off or totally blacked out. For others the screen maybe shattered but still functional. Regardless of how severe the damage seems, after replacement, most devices will spring straight back to life.

What if I break the screen again after the repair?

The trick here is to try and prevent the screen from breaking again or insuring the screen to give you that peace of mind. It’s no secret that most modern smartphones are easy to damage. The best way of managing that problem is to make sure you have the best protection available or have a plan that will cover the screen costs in the event it gets damaged. If you have your screen fixed and breaks again within 6 months, your warranty will be voided.

How do I prevent screen damage?

One of the challenges manufacturing unbreakable glass is that the harder a material, the more likely it is to shatter. The softer the material the more likely it is to get scratched. Steve Jobs recognised the shortcomings of plastic and encouraged Corning to develop a prototype of what eventually became Gorilla Glass. The best way to prevent breakage is to install a high quality tempered glass protector. Tempered glass varies in strength and can be up to 9 times stronger than the glass of the device itself. It’s also extremely scratch resistant and far more cost effective to change when damaged. We also recommend investing in a good case that has integrated impact protective material, this helps to shift the energy generated from impact away from the display. The EMF Aspen case has been designed specifically with this in mind incorporating D30 technology for extreme impact protection.

What are the different types of screen damage?

Strange colours and discolouration: We have all seen a damaged TV or computer screen. The phone screen is actually no different. When damaged the display can show a rainbow of pixilated shapes. Sometimes the function will remain, in most cases not. Intermittency and shaking is also common after cracking the underlying LCD.

The dreaded black blob. Yes, the black blob is another common unwanted intruder. The blob may also change in shape and size. The layers of ink that are bonded together inside the display has leaked and is bleeding through. As the ink tents to bleed out, is should not affect any of the internal components.

Strange water markings: When you see markings and bight smudges, this will usually be caused from exposure to moisture or liquids. If the phone still works, make sure to backup all the information as water damage on microelectronics is not good and your phone may not have long to live.

Mysterious yellow patches: The yellow patches usually appear from a constant supply of pressure. That pressure produces the colour the same as when you press onto a computer or T.V screen. The cause of this issue can be internal parts punching up, external parts punching down or a compromise in the entire housing. For example, if your battery has swollen or internal components have dislodged, this could put pressure against the screen from behind causing the discolouration. Too much heat can also produce burn marking on the display. The most common cause is from smashed glass, the glass can graze the display underneath. When the obstruction is removed the pressure marks should also gradually disappear.

Are the screens made from Gorilla Glass?

Materials and Manufacturing: The iPhone 6 screen is made up of many components. The glass panel is the part we physically interact with but the touch module underneath is the part that responds to our touch. The liquid crystal display creates what we see on the screen and the LED backlight gives us the light to see it. The glass is made by a company called Corning. Their (Gorilla Glass) has become closely linked with responsive touch modules.

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