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Surface Pro Screen Repair Services

Surface Pro repairs Sydney CBD & Bondi Junction. Screen Repair services available including glass protection and impact protective accessories.

Surface Pro Screen Repairs – ModelsSurface Pro Screen Repair Price
Surface Pro 7 Plus$400
Surface Pro 7$380
Surface Pro 6$350
Surface Pro 5$350
Surface Pro 4$350
Surface Pro 3$350
Surface 3$300
Surface Pro 2$220
Surface Book 1 (13.5inch)$400
Surface Book 2 (13.5inch)$400

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How much do Surface Pro Screen Repairs cost in Sydney?

The Surface Pro screen repair and replacement cost will vary between models.  Fixing your Surface Pro broken screen at our  Sydney and Bondi Junction stores is a more cost effective and faster solution than taking your device directly into Microsoft. In addition, when we replace your screen we do not erase any data and important work documents that most customers store on their device. The Surface Pro display replacement is a relatively straight forward repair and can be fixed the same day upon arrival.

Surface Pro LCD Display damage

The Surface Pro LCD display and the front glass are installed as one complete unit, so regardless of the damage to your glass or display underneath fixing the screen will restore any discolouration or touch module features that may have been compromised upon impact.

How much do Microsoft charge to fix the Surface Pro Screen

Microsoft do not seem to display prices for their Surface Pro repairs on their website and to get an accurate quotation for your model and fault might require customers to walk into a Microsoft retail store and ask a member of staff directly. In any instance, for most repairs the price Microsoft charge for screen replacements tend to be much higher with significant wait times.

How long do Surface Pro Repairs take?

We can fix the majority of Surface Pro repairs within the same day of arrival, to ensure the fastest service possible is always best to contact a member of our team prior to arrival so we can reserve the part for you. In addition, if possible it’s always good practice to do a complete backup of the data before working on the device.

What if my Surface Pro screen cannot be fixed?

In the event that a screen replacement does not fix your Surface Pro, we do not charge customers for the service. In most cases in this even the device would be beyond economic repair and a replacement device would be our recommendation. If customers are worried about losing data stored on the device, we also offer recovery services that can extract your information and back it up to an external hard drive.

How can I prevent my Surface Pro screen from getting damaged again?

With any device that has a glass screen, to prevent cracks and shattered glass from impact we would always recommend installing a tempered glass screen protector. The LCD displays on all most electronics tend to be prone to breakages from impact and reenforces glass in many times stronger than the display itself.

The Surface Pro is Sydneys most popular tablet 

The Microsoft Surface Pro shines in a lot of areas where a regular laptop simply can’t. Its versatile nature continues to pave the way for a new genre of computers: the hybrids. At a time when our mode of interface with the computer is becoming more touch-oriented, Microsoft definitely has taken a step in the right direction in continuing to focus on the Surface line. Save for the high asking price for both the tablet and its accessories, it’s a  fine tool that’ll warm up easily to an artist’s hands.

The Surface Pro enjoys the same outstanding attention to detail as every other modern Surface machine, and Microsoft’s ability to produce extremely well-built machines is as apparent as always. Simply put, the Surface Pro is solid as a rock, and exudes a certain futuristic quality.

If you do damage your screen we have speedy and cost effective solutions available for you.

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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