iPhone Battery Replacement Sydney

When your phone starts to experience power issues, one of the main causes is a problem with the lithium ion battery. Thankfully, faulty batteries can easily be replaced for all Apple models at our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction stores.

How much do iPhone Battery repairs cost in Sydney?

iPhone Battery RepairRepair Price
iPhone 13$150.00
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro$150.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max$130.00
iPhone 11 Pro$130.00
iPhone 11$130.00
iPhone XR$130.00
iPhone XS Max$130.00
iPhone XS$130 .00
iPhone X$130.00
iPhone SE/SE2/SE3$130.00
iPhone 8 Plus$120.00
iPhone 8$120.00
iPhone 7 Plus$90.00
iPhone 7$90.00

How long does it take to replace?

Fone Fix can replace your battery within 30 minutes at our Sydney or Bondi Junction stores. After the replacement we will also provide you with all the information you need to ensure you get the most from your phone and to prevent any issues occurring in the future.

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Apple iPhone Lithium-Ion

When your phone begins to experience power related issues in almost all circumstances installing a new battery will resolve the issue. Your phone is powered with lithium-ion that has fast charging capabilities, lasts longer, has a higher power density and is super lightweight compared to older power sources. They are designed to quickly charge up to 80% of its full capacity and then restricts the charge speed accordingly.

Increasing Power Longevity

Overcharging your device and using aftermarket accessories, especially overseas travel adapters are the most common cause of  power problems. Aside from using official, certified, original power accessories, there are other things you can do to prolong your battery life after its replacement.

How to maintain your battery life

Simple, D.I.Y techniques to extend your battery life

Here are some actions you can take to prevent damage to your battery, extend its life and avoid the need for an Apple repair in the future.

Do not leave your phone on charge all night!

Unless your phone independently powers itself off when fully charged (most don’t) then over charging your phone for extended periods of time is something we would highly recommend avoiding.

Don’t use a dodgy charger

Using any kind of aftermarket, uncertified, unbranded or cheap charger to power your device will usually result in some kind of issue with the power and performance. Sketchy power banks, adapters and aftermarket charging accessories definitely one of the main causes of all power issues across devices and models.

Update your software?

Yes, “according to Apple”, updating your device to the latest version of iOS, will in turn, install “energy-saving” technologies to free up more power. Be warned, software updates have also been linked to being the direct cause of issues. In our experience, if you can avoid updating your software then this would be advisable as there are much better solutions to extending your phones power capabilities.

Keep it out of the heat!

Apparently, 16° to 22° C (62° to 72° F) as the ideal comfort zone for your battery to stay happy. Anything over 35° C (95° F) can permanently damage the battery.

Don’t charge your phone in cases with magnets or metal

Many phone cases are now designed with the integration of magnets and metals. They are used as seals for wallet cases, reinforced protection and to attach the device to various mounts and stands. When charging your device with this type of case still attached it can create excess heat pushing the temperature range out of the battery’s comfort zone.

Optimise your settings to boost performance

By simply dimming the brightness of your screen and turning your wi-fi on can save you significant battery life. You can just manually turn the brightness down or set it to “auto brightness”.  As wifi uses less power than a mobile network connection it can be advantageous to use your wi-fi feature as much as possible to maintain your battery health.

How Your iPhone Battery Is Replaced

For the older models, the back glass is removed and the battery is installed from the rear of the device. For newer models, the screen is removed and is installed form the front of the device. If your iPhone has no power, the new battery and be connected externally and tested before removing your existing one, this is to rule out the possibility of any other issues that could be causing the power loss. After a successful replacement, be sure to double check your charging accessories, discard any damaged or fake copies and follow the simple steps highlighted above to enjoy a longer battery life.

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