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Microsoft screen repairs Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction. Professional Surface Pro repair services at affordable prices.

Microsoft Screen Repairs – ModelsRepair Price
Surface Pro 7$550
Surface Pro 6$400
Surface Pro 5$400
Surface Pro 4$350
Surface Pro 3$350
Surface 3$300
Surface Pro 2$220
Surface Book 2 (13.5inch)$400
Surface Book 1 (13.5inch)$400

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Microsoft Leading The Pack

Most large organisations are moving toward using the Microsoft Tablet. It’s design flexibility allows it’s users to seamlessly navigate between tablet and laptop. Amazingly they are up to 50% faster than than a MacBook Air 13″and newer Surface Pro’s are fully compatible with iTunes, iCloud & iPhones. The devices are also super lightweight, ideal for business on the go and with the new Windows integrated Operating System. Organisations are able to effortlessly upload their “in-house” company software across a fleet of devices without a glitch.

Having Other Issues?

Maybe your screen is not damaged and your looking for another repair. We have service solutions for any damage and have encountered almost every imaginable fault you could experience. If you are unable to find the service you need, please contact a member of our team and we will be more than happy to assist.

Phone repair servicesRepair Price from
Screen Repairs$89
Back Glass Repair$60
Battery / Charging Fault$80
Buttons & Switches$60
Camera Lens$40
Camera Repair$80
Data Recovery$200
Network Unlocking$80
No Power$40
Software Fault$120
Sound Faults$80
Water Damage$120

We service a verity of phone brands and can restore your phone back to working order.

Microsoft & Nokia Take On The Smartphone Giants

The announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices & Services business managed the impressive trick of being both surprising and expected at the same time. Certainly it has long been rumoured, and in many ways seems the logical conclusion to a long-running saga, but the timing was a little unexpected.

What we have, essentially, is Microsoft making a big investment in order to make sure that it does not become an irrelevance in mobile: an outcome which would see the computing giant’s influence severely limited in a world where mobile – be it smartphone, tablet or, in the future, wearable device – has become the pervasive method of consumer computing.

Despite having already spent billions of dollars jointly, Microsoft and Nokia have over the course of several years managed to achieve a market share which is still in mid-single digits. While there are some signs that the Lumia line of Windows Phone smartphones is gaining traction, this is all relative, and there is still some way to go to become an effective “third platform” to rival Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. In addition to fixing Microsoft and Nokia devices, we also offer solutions to fix Motorola phones

Will repairing my device void my Microsoft warranty? 

If you device is faulty and not damaged, as long as its within a two years period, your device should be covered under manufacture warranty. If it has sustained any kind of damage, your warranty has already been voided and to get your out of warranty repair serviced by Microsoft directly might not be so straight forward.

“It typically takes 3–12 business days to get your Surface back after you ship it to us, depending on where you live and barring any inventory or shipping delays. For Surface Studio, an agent will help you and it may be shipped back to you faster”

The quotation above was taken directly from the Microsoft website and suggests that you have to send your device away and will be gone for a while, it also implies that you will probably lose all the data stored on the device. With Fone Fix, we can usually fix your device within the same day of arrival and we do not wipe your information during the repair process.

Do you only repair Phones or can you also fix the Microsoft Surface Pro?

As it seems Microsoft are no longer releasing a new phone models, 99% of all the Microsoft repairs we undertake are for the Surface Pro Laptop models. We started to notice many years ago that fewer Windows device were coming in for repair and shortly after started to see a huge influx in Surface Pro enquiries. Most of the calls we get are for Surface Pro Screen Repair services as it seem breaking anything else other than the screen is very difficult, this is a good thing for the users. We think their decision to focus on their laptop and scrap the phones was actually a good one. The product they have produced in the Surface Pro is second to none and has quickly become the must-have device for companies across the globe.

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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