Top 5 Ways People Break Their Phone

Nowadays, our phones are not simply a means of communication, they are our lifeline. Carrying them everywhere, faces fixed on the screen, it can become quite easy for mishaps to happen and our favourite technological possession is damaged beyond repair. Have you ever cracked your phone screen before? If you answered the question with a nod, know that you are not alone. Many people report breaking their phones, some in the oddest of ways. Here are the top 5 interesting and sometimes even comical ways of smashing a phone.

1: Dropping it on the floor

We have all done this at some time during our phones life, including the writer of this blog. Have you ever purchased a new phone and, while waiting for the case, or just before attaching the glass protector, having never broken a screen before in your entire life, actually drop it and watch shatter to a million pieces? understandably,There are always options for repair or replacement but regardless it’s a dark time during this period, uncontactable and no access to your data. This is at the top of our list and is the most common way we break our phones. To summarise, always buy a good impact proof case and tempered glass screen protector and install them when your phone is fresh out the box, preferably over a quilted surface, just in case!

2: Water damage outdoors or dropping your mobile into the toilet

This is yet another common one. Let’s be honest, many of us are guilty of bringing our phone to the loo to squeeze in another game or Facebook post. Great when passing the time, horrible when you hear it plop into the toilet bowl. By far the most common cause of  liquid damage is by women who unknowingly have their phone tucked away in their back pocket, and due to the activities that would naturally occur prior to the deed, the phone would inevitably become extremely vulnerable to going for a swim. Others have stated spills are a big factor when they wreck their phones. From leaking bottles in bags to getting dowsed with beer at the bar, there are many ways are phone can get wet, washing machines, weather, bathrooms kids and beaches are all dangerous and hazardous places for our phones when it comes to getting a soaking. Unsurprisingly,  they are now starting to come out with water resistant case and devices s like lifeproof and the iP7.


3: Throwing it in anger or excitement

Watching sports, at a concert, mad at a partner and partying hard are just some of the ways we break our phones,  In fact, it seems to be a huge issue with many individuals. We all know what it’s like in the heat of the moment, your team has just lost or your favourite tune comes on and its a mad dash to the dance floor, so what do you do? grab the nearest most valuable, breakable object—that happens to be your mobile phone and take it on a journey it was not designed for.

4: It falls off a table or your lap

Another common occurrence reported is having your phone fall of a bar, table or your lap when sitting down. Phones are slippery devices to start with, but when were not clutching onto them like they control the beating of our heart, we eventually have to put them down somewhere. Slippery phones and shiny table tops do not mix well when it comes the the longevity of our phones life. I am a huge sinner of this next one myself, when I’m sitting down,  it seems subconsciously I think its a good idea for my lap to be the best place to keep my phone and it seems, you do to.  A short time will pass before I forget that my phone is even there, I go about my business until it’s time to move on, in doing so, while standing up my phone is propelled from my lap and goes sliding across the floor.  We are supposed to learn from our mistakes but I’m ashamed to admit, this is a daily occurrence for me.

5: Sitting on it

Modern phones are quite slim these days, and while this can be handy in terms of fitting them into pockets of skinny jeans, it can be quite easy to forget it’s there when you casually sit down. The housing of devices now are also much softer either made form plastic or aluminum that bends under slight pressure.  The trick with this one it to try and change your habit of not sliding your phone into your back pocket. Not only do you risk sitting on it and causing damage, its easy for pickpockets, it can easily drop out and as mentioned previously, for women, it can end up down the loo. Probably not the best place to keep your electronic devices.

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