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Never run out of battery again & wirelessly charge your iPhone on the go! 

We’ve all been there, just when you need it most, you pull your iPhone out to make a purchase, order an Uber or to urgently get in touch with someone only to find your battery has died and you don’t have a charger, such a pain!

Understandably, most people don’t want to carry around a heavy battery pack or power bank and a charging cable just in case their phone dies. Thankfully, with the compact Baseus wireless power bank, there’s no longer a need to weigh yourself down with unnecessary accessories to keep your Phone in operation.

Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Bank

Get the latest in power bank technology and charge your iPhone wirelessly while on the move.

Battery Capacity: 6,000mAh
Dimensions: 97.4×63.8×14.7mm
Weight: about 140g
Colours: Black, Blue, Pink, White

WAS: $139.99
NOW ONLY $79.99

20W Fast Charging With A Cable

You don’t have to wait around to top up your power. Your power bank will charge up to 50% in about 30 minutes. Included with the power bank is 1 x 50cm 60W Type-C to Type-C Cable.

Just One “Click” To Get Started

No messy cables or cases required, the 2-in-1 magnetic wireless charging technology will effortlessly and securely snap directly to the back of your iPhone.

14.7mm Ultra Slim

Super slim, purpose built design that fits perfectly on the back of your iPhone without blocking your cameras.

Stable Connection

Extremely strong internal magnets enable a solid connection to the rear of your iPhone so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off.

Feels Better With A Slim & Smaller Design

Unlike other power banks on the market, the Baseus wireless power pack is made with function and practically in mind. Small, Powerful and ascetically appealing with a versatile range of charging options.

Digital Display Power Bank

Digital display power bank technology with fast charging built in iPhone or C-Type Cable.

Battery Capacity: 15W 10,000mAh / 20W 20,000mAh
Colours: Black, Red, White

Price: $54.99 (15W) / $79.99 (20W)


Multiple ports including:

  • USB
  • IP
  • Type C

Real-Time Display

Real-time display of remaining battery level so you will never run low on battery juice again.

Two in One Charging

Dual charging capabilities with built in iPhone lightning cable and lanyard.


Get the MagSafe iPhone Case For Prefect Compatibility With Your Wireless Power Bank

Get the latest MagSafe magnetic iPhone case that provides the best protection against damage and offers perfect compatibility with any magnetic phone accessories or wireless chargers.

Never Run Out Of Charge Again, Get Your Wireless Power Bank Today!

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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