Mobile Phone Data Recovery Sydney

High success data recovery options for mobile phones in Sydney. Your phone is always on hand so some of your most valuable data will be stored on it. If damaged, irreplaceable photos, important contacts or schedule notes can all be lost. In most cases, regardless of the fault or damage, our expert data recovery technicians can get it back for you.

Phone Data Recovery Cost & Turnaround Times

Data Recovery Recovery CostService Time
Any recoverable sets of data $300.00 Standard: 5-7 Business Days
Any recoverable sets of data $500.00Express: 1-2 Business Days

iPhone & Samsung Data Recovery

As most people in Australia have either an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, naturally they are the devices we recover the most data from, however, we can recover the information from any brand or phone model that you have. We’ve encountered every imaginable fault or damage that could have caused your data to have become inaccessible and have recovered information from the most severe of circumstances.  Discover more about iPhone Data Recovery in Sydney.

Your Phone is seriously damaged and beyond repair

If your phone has undergone extreme physical damage: e.g. been stomped on by someone, run over by a car or suffered major corrosion over a period of months or years. In this instance, the device would be determined as not fixable and the only service offered would be to recover the data. No matter how serious the damage, there ‘s a good chance we can get your information back.

Your Phone has a software fault, virus or is stuck on a boot loop

There are several reasons your operating system experiences issues including common viruses, failures during updates or hardware issues. This can cause your phone to get stuck in recovery mode, stuck in a constant boot loop, perpetually crashes during booting up, or simply will not start. This can happen through no fault of your own and can be very stressful. Even in these even we can bypass the issue and extract any previous information stored in the memory before installing new operating system or firmware to get the device back up and running as normal.

You have forgotten your phone lock code or password

We have all been there, forgetting a password is very common and extremely frustrating. You’re sure you have tried every possible combination but nothing seems to work. For some devices, especially iPhones, if you punch the code in wrong too many times the device will disable. There are 4 stages of this process. Stage 1, you will be asked to try again in a few minutes. Stage 2, a few hours. Stage 3, days, even a few months until the final stage 4 where you have no more attempts and the phone is permanently disabled. In this even the only option would be to restore the device and you will lose all the data. If you have already failed your attempts after stage 1 and 2, stop and bring the phone in for recovery services.

I need recovery from a different device

If your device is not a mobile phone and you have data on it that need to be recovered here you can find data recovery near me.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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