What Is The Best Case For The iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max?

The iPhone 11 model is Apples best selling smartphone, and for good reason. With that in mid you want to keep it functional for as long as possible. So how can you prevent it from getting damaged?

Were are going to take a look at the 3 best cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and explain why we think they stand above the rest.

iPhone 11 Commuter Case By Otterbox

We have been selling the Otterbox case for many years and is a great all round product for any iPhone model. Combining two materials together in the one design makes this case super durable. Part hard, part soft with openings for your loudspeaker  and a 3 millimeter deep section at the back thats exposes while protecting your camera. The otter box comes in many different colours and styles. It’s big brother “the Otterbox Defender” is very similar but much bulkier and not suitable nor normal day to day use. Otterbox recognised this issue and reduced the size significantly with the Commuter series. Now with it’s slimmer design the Otterbox Commuter case can cater for  a much larger audience.


  • Super impact dual layer protection
  • Protecting charging port flap
  • Quality materials and production


  • Quite slippery, I like to stand my phone up against a right angled surface, but the hard outer plastic of the case causes it to keep slipping down flat.
  • Slightly bulky for my personal linking. While the dual layer feature does add extra protection it in turn will naturally add mass to the size and weight

Ideal for:

  • Construction
  • Traveling
  • Extreme Sports
  • Hazardous Environments

iPhone 11 Lifeproof Series 

Lifeproof is the only case we would recommend to protect against liquid damage

As the marketing push behind this product has been so significant, the Lifeproof case is one of the world most known brands.

For the iPhone 11 there are three different Lifeproof styles, Next, Slam & Flip. They all provide the same resistance to liquid but there are variations between the designs. The Next case come in two parts that are clipped in around your iPhone. The Slam case is similar to the Next only made from one complete mould. The new addition to the family is the Flip case, unlike your average wallet case, this design feature is pretty cool with a hidden compartment at the back.

If you’re going camping, skiing or boating, there is no better protection for your iPhone than the Lifeproof case.

Once the case has been  installed property, all the exposed external openings are covered, charging connector, microphone, earpiece, speakers and buttons. While is remains the best product in the market to keep out water, we wouldn’t recommend going for a swim with it, its water resistant, not waterproof!


  • Best for keeping out water and dust
  • Cool hidden compartment feature (Flip version only)


  • The price tends to be much higher compared to other cases
  • After a few months the water resistant features deteriorate and coverings effects the microphone and earpiece volume
  • Unable to install generic screen projectors as case puts too much pressure on the glass
  • Some chargers don’t fit in the port opening

Ideal for:

  • Waster Sports and Boating
  • Skiing
  • Humid & Dusty Environments
  • Plumbers

iPhone 11 Cayman Case By EFM D30

Our personal opinion is that the EFM Cayman case is the best case currently in the market. It’s very slim, super stylish and extremely protective.

The Cayman case comes in a verity of colours and you have options for a clear or coloured back panel. It’s manufactured with a patented material called D30 thats has undergone significant drop testing and recoils upon impact. The same material can be found in motorbike helmets, high impact sport equipment, industrial and military clothing.

If your after high end technology impact protective materials at affordable pricing, then this is the case for you


  • Slim & Stylish design 10.5mm
  • Premium Aluminum features
  • Super impact protective patented material
  • 6 Meter Drop testing
  • Quality materials and production – D30 and Polycarbonate
  • Wireless Compatibility


  • Over time the smooth shiny backplate gets scratched

Ideal for:

  • Is suitable for any situation or environment apart from water or dust

What do you actually want? The first thing we ask a customer who is looking for a new case is “What type of case do you need?” 

We like to hear what customers actually want before we can suggest a case that will best match their needs. If you erect scaffolding for a living then a bright prink case with with a sparkling sequinned trim will probably be unsuitable. However, if you’re shopping for your 5 year old daughter, that might just be the one perfect one.

Here I have listed some of the common case requirements we hear every day:

1. “One I can find is my bag”

For obvious reasons, this requirement mostly comes from female customers. Having a large bag full of things makes having a dark coloured difficult to find amongst the pile of items being hoarded inside.

2. “The slimmer the better”

“I just don’t want it to be too bulky” is something we hear every day. No one really wants to turn there sleek iPhone into a heavy brick if it can be avoided.

3. “One thats going to protect my phone”

If you don’t care about protection, is better to have no case and enjoy the phone as it is. However, if you like the sound of damage prevention, getting a case that actually does the job should be the main objective.

The most important feature on any case is the lip. Cases that align flush with the screen are pretty much useless. You want the material of the case to raise at least 2 mm above your glass, then if it drops flat on it’s face, the lip of the case will absorb the impact, not your screen!


The term “different strokes for different folks” comes to mind. The best case for you depends entirely on your requirements. Some customers don’t care about protection and just want a case that sparkles and looks pretty, others need a case that will perform to a very specific requirement.

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