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Service solutions for screen damage  and intermittent faults

Choose your brand from the table to see our full pricing and turnaround times for all models. Most iPhone screens can be replaced within 20 minutes at our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction stores.


Screen Repair and Replacement Service Information 

The most common cause of damage to mobile devices is most certainly to the screen. Almost all modern mobile phone now come with large brittle glass screen that can shatter at the slightest drop. Fortunately most damaged screen can be replaced with relative ease at any Fone Fix store. Turnaround time can depend on the model in question, but for the vast majority repair services are completed within about 30 minutes.

Screen Replacement Turnaround Times

Most screen take approximately 30 minutes to install, however. Some mobile phones and tablets will require additional work when reinstalling the new screen. Most new Samsung devices and iPads take slightly longer to service as the screen is secured to the frame with strong adhesive. After installation for there models the new glass screen will need to undergo a clamping process to ensure the new adhesive bonds to the frame.

Screen Parts & Quality Details

For new models of phones the screens are now produced as one complete attached unit. This means that the front glass and LCD come attached together. If your LCD and or glass is damaged replacing the unit will most likely solve the issue. All screens outside of the manufacture supply are refurbished or after market. Only the manufacture of the handset can supply you “original parts” (usually at a much higher price with slow turnaround times). Outside of this, the screens are priced based on their grading of manufacture quality. All parts used by Fone Fix to service mobile devices are of the highest grading possible and have undergone rigorous testing procedure prior to any installation.

Screen Damage Prevention

The best way to protect your phone screen against damage or impact is to install a reinforced glass protector. In addition to withstand a much higher impact, they are super scratch resistant and can be obtained for as little as $20. Fone Fix will install tempered glass for free with ever iPhone screen replacement service.

Additional Damage

Its common that when your screen gets damaged in turn so does the frame of the device. Due to the soft aluminium material, Its actually more likely that the frame will be compromised in some way after impact. Most of the time this only affects the corners but in some instances the entire body of the device can get warped our of shape. Thankfully there are special reworking tools available to us that can reshape the frame back into place allowing your new screen to sit flush inside the housing. If the new screen still has no display after being replaced, we have specialist technicians that can diagnose specific internal component failure and develop a solution to resolve the issue. .

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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