Samsung Galaxy Screen Repairs Sydney

Searching for Samsung screen repairs in Sydney? If your display is scratched, shattered, cracked, discoloured or no longer responds to your touch, we can replace the damaged part and restore your device back to its normal functionality. Our same-day repair services are conveniently available in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction.

How much does it cost to repair a Samsung screen in Sydney? 

SamsungRepair ServicePrice
S23 UltraSamsung Screen Repair$480.00
S23 PlusSamsung Screen Repair$350.00
S23Samsung Screen Repair$360.00
S22 PlusSamsung Screen Repair$370.00
S22Samsung Screen Repair$370.00
S21 PlusSamsung Screen Repair$370.00
S21Samsung Screen Repair$310.00
S20 PlusSamsung Screen Repair$320.00
S20Samsung Screen Repair$310.00

If your model isn’t listed here, please call us on 0293861951 us for pricing.


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Why are Samsung screen repairs more expensive than other phones?

There’s three main factors why Samsung screens tend to be slightly more expensive than its counterparts.

  1. The LCD/OLED display and front glass come attached together as a complete unit and cannot be replaced separately
  2. The quality of the Samsung Galaxy screens compared to other leading brands is second to none
  3. There are less Android parts in circulation creating a scarcity in the supply

Although high, It’s worth noting that the screen replacement price is still less than half the price of having to buy a new Samsung phone.

How much does Samsung charge?

The screen repair price with Samsung will vary between models. Your phone will be sent away to a service centre and in most cases they will erase any data that was stored on the device. At Fone Fix, Samsung screen replacements can be fixed within the same day of arrival and we never purposely wipe your data as a process of our repair services.

Do you repair Galaxy fold models?

Due to the complexity of the Samsung Galaxy Fold components, we do not offer a screen replacement service for this model. If you need advice about any Samsung Repair service, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

How do I know if a screen replacement will fix the problem?

Unlike its competitors, one of the benefits of owning a Samsung smartphone is that it contains a built in diagnostic testing tool directly into the settings. From your keypad you can type (*#0*##0*#) and a diagnostic testing screen appears with a series of functions that enable you to perform variety of tests. If your display has blacked out and has become totally unusable, don’t panic, 99% of the time a new screen replacement will fix the problem instantly.

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival.



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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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