Recycle Your Old Phone and Get Money Back

Do you have an old phone that is just sitting around? Or, are you thinking about getting a new phone and are not sure of what to do with the old one? I have some tips for you. Everybody could use a little extra cash now and then, right? Did you know you can recycle your old phone and get money back? That’s right, and all it takes is a little bit of time and incentive. Still unsure about this method? Please read on to learn more.

Cash Injection

Who wouldn’t want a little spare change from an old phone that’s been sitting around the house, or from that soon-to-be-replaced phone? After all, most people replace their phones every six months to a year, so that is quite often. There are a few tips to follow before you take your phone and trade it in to get the most money back.

Charge Up The Phone

First, make sure to charge your phone all the way before heading out. If you charge up the phone, you are bound to get more for it, because it shows the battery still works well, and it proves that the phone is still running perfectly.

Handle With Care

Next, make sure any phone you get from here on out is treated well. Hopefully, you have handled your other old phones well too. Taking good care of that phone and doing things like keeping it in a case helps to ensure it is in the best condition when you go to trade it in. We all know that electronics can be fragile, and you want to maximise your profits when you are going to recycle your old phone and get money back.

Time Is Of The Essence

Next, don’t wait too long to recycle that phone. The longer you wait, the less that phone is worth. The market value of the phone continues to drop the older it is. We see new versions of phones coming out all of the time as technology improves – and we all know technology improves quickly! Also, when new models come onto the market, the price value of the older model immediately drops. You want to get the most bang for your buck.
The bottom line is this: you want to make that phone look as good as it can before you hand it over. So take my advice, and enjoy that spare change!


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