Mobile Phone Back Camera Replacement Sydney

Quality Back Camera Repairs & Installation

Fone Fix’s specialist technicians can replace the back camera for almost any mobile phone model including iPhone, Samsung, Google, Huawei and more.

Blurry pictures, shakey images and disruptive shards of light can all be fixed, replaced and restored back to working condition within minutes at our Sydney stores.

iPhone Back Camera Repairs

If your iPhone camera has a problem it needs to be repaired fast. Our Fone Fix technicians can fix any faulty or broken camera within 30 minutes.

One of the features that makes the iPhone stand out from the pack is the high quality camera. Dust and shock can affect the performance and even stop it from working altogether. If your iPhone is producing less than perfect quality photos? make sure you come to Fone Fix. Our expert iPhone repair techs can get you  snapping the high quality shots the iPhone is renowned for in no time.


iPhone ModelRepair FaultRepair Cost
iPhone 11 Pro MaxBack Camera Repair$190
iPhone 11 ProBack Camera Repair$190
iPhone 11Back Camera Repair$170
iPhone XRBack Camera Repair$160
iPhone XS MaxBack Camera Repair$170
iPhone XSBack Camera Repair$170
iPhone XBack Camera Repair$150
iPhone 8 PlusBack Camera Repair$170
iPhone 8Back Camera Repair$150
iPhone 7 PlusBack Camera Repair$150
iPhone 7Back Camera Repair$140
iPhone 6S PlusBack Camera Repair$110
iPhone 6SBack Camera Repair$90
iPhone 6/6 PlusBack Camera Repair$80

Samsung Galaxy Back Camera Repairs

One of the best features on a Samsung is the camera. With up to 12 Mega Pixels producing crystal clear HD images being one of the main reasons people flock to this brand.

Back camera replacement services are available for most new Samsung phones. For rare models it can be quite a task to actually source the parts, so if you are unable to find the service you are looking for the camera might not be available for your particular model.

If your model is not listed here, dont worry. Give us a call and we will do our best to source the part for you.


Samsung Galaxy ModelRepair FaultRepair Cost
Samsung S10eBack Camera Repair$150
Samsung S10Back Camera Repair$150
Samsung S8 PlusBack Camera Repair$130
Samsung S8Back Camera Repair$130
Samsung S7 EdgeBack Camera Repair$110
Samsung S7 EdgeBack Camera Repair$120

We can also replace your Front Camera or your Back Camera Lens

It’s extremely easy for the camera lens on any phone to get scratched or sustain tiny hairline cracks that disturbs the light. Thankfully, we can replace just the camera lens on its own bypassing the need to replace entire the camera unit itself.

Obviously if the lens is the only part that is damaged and the camera underneath is ok, the repair would be significantly cheaper than replacing the whole camera.

In addition to the rear camera, the front camera can also be replaced if it’s non-functional. The process of replacement differs slightly between them but they take about the same time, most importantly the cost of the “selfie cam” tends to be much cheaper than fixing the back.

Front Camera Repair Services

Restore your camera lens clarity

Internal damage rework

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