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Data recovery services for Laptops in Sydney. Modern Laptops are becoming thinner and thinner. The demand for wafer-thin devices and retina display capabilities has forced the production of some amazing products. However, this has also resulted in fragile and delicate devices that are more prone to getting damaged. In this event, to repair new laptops can cost a small fortune. In many instances, depending on the model and damage, recovering the data and purchasing a new device might be the best option.

Fix, replace, upgrade, or recover. Contact a member of our recovery team today to discuss your options.

You can specify the data you want

We are able to recover specific data, so if you only need a particular file or document your data recovery will be priced accordingly. If you shop around, you may be quoted numbers that run into the thousands for this type of service, In some rare instances the data can only be extracted directly from the disk, for this procedure a fully equipped cleanroom is required and prices range from $1500-$200 plus. The reality is, in most cases this type of service in not required to recover data as other more cost effective, tried and tested method are available to you.

As our success rates are so high, unlike most companies, If the recovery is impossible you won’t pay anything.
If the data on your Hard Drive is inaccessible, speak to our technicians today. If we can retrieve the data, you’ll have it back quickly and securely. For emergencies, priority services are also available.

ServiceStandard ServicePriority Service
Full Data Recovery$500$1000
Partial Data Recovery$200$400

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