iPhone XR Screen Repairs Sydney & Bondi Junction

iPhone XR Screen Repair Cost & Turnaround Time

iPhone XRRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone XR Screen Repair$22030 mins
iPhone XR Screen ProtectorFREEInstalled on-site

If you have another iPhone model or require a different service, you can find any Sydney local phone repair services from our home page.

Expert Repair Services, High Grade Components & Exceptional Customer Service

With Fone Fix you can rest safe in the knowledge you are getting the best parts, installed by expert technicians at the right price. In addition, any downtime will be minimal as we can fix almost any issues within 30 minutes upon arrival.

iPhone XR  Screen Protection Installed Free With Every Front Glass Replacement

Yes, prevention is better than the cure, and nothing does that better than tempered glass. With every iPhone XR screen replacement, Fone Fix includes a layer of tempered glass protection free of charge. After your new screen has successfully been installed, our expert techs will attach your complementary tempered glass protection.


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What Does It Cost At Apple to Replace The iPhone XR Screen ? 

It will cost approximately $318.95 to repair your iPhone XR screen at Apple in Sydney NSW. Bookings are compulsory and repair times can depend on workload.

Are Your Apple Screens Genuine?

Fact: Only Apple can provide customers with a genuine Apple screen regardless of what “dodgy” repair shops advise. Fone Fix only uses the highest grading of parts available outside of going into Apple direct. Complete in-depth testing is done on all our parts before, during and after every repair thats undertaken.

What Will The Quality Be Like Compared To Apple?

Our internal and external iPhone components have been sourced with by 20 years of building relationships with trusted overseas suppliers. If you search on Google for iPhone part suppliers, you will find thousands of them, the issue is, only a handful of those suppliers will be able to manufacture high grade products that are consistent in quality. Our quality testing processes ensures that prior to getting your device back, that your functionality and screen clarity has been tested up to 6 times.

The Latest In iPhone XR Protection

Fone Fix stocks a range of accessories for the iPhone XR. We have protective solutions for high impact, storage and ease of use (slim and touch). Anti impact patented materials, waterproof and tradie cases all available at any Fone Fix store.

Can The Front Glass Be Repaired Without Replacing The LCD Display?

With all iPhone models, the front glass that you interact with is attached to the LCD display underneath. The two components come together as one complete unit and are reinstalled simultaneously. It is possible to replace the individual parts but it would be counter productive, as both components will get damaged during the separation and will end up costing more than the full LCD replacement.


We don’t Only Replace XR Screen, Contact Us For Any Repair Service

Fone Fix offers a full range of services for any phone repair. Some devices have no power, damaged cameras or swollen batteries. Often devices may not even require a repair and maybe a very simple fix. In any circumstance, we can provide the required solution or can certainly point you in the right direction.

Phone repair servicesRepair Price from
Screen Repairs$89
Back Glass Repair$60
Battery / Charging Fault$80
Buttons & Switches$60
Camera Lens$40
Camera Repair$80
Data Recovery$200
Network Unlocking$80
No Power$40
Software Fault$120
Sound Faults$80
Water Damage$120

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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