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iPhone XR Repairs Cost & Service Time

iPhone XRRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone XR Screen Repair$22030 mins
iPhone XR Screen ProtectorFREEInstalled on-site

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What Does The Genius Bar At Apple Charge For iPhone XR Repair Services?

Apple have Sydney stores located on Oxford Street in Bondi Junction and George Street in Sydney CBD. Genius Bar bookings are required and you will be looking at $318.95 for out of warranty damage to the display. Repair service time is often lengthly due to Apple’s unmanageable workloads. If you can stomach being dragged through the Apple customer service experience then repairing your device with aApple directly is always an option for you. The downsides are that you tend to be left phone-less for a while and prices tend to be a little higher. If your device was not purchased here in Australia, you will need to take the iPhone back to it’s country of origin for servicing at the Apple store.

iPhone XR Protection Included With Every Screen Repair

With the iPhone XR being slightly bulkier and noticeably heaver than other models, protecting the screen after a replacement or even better, before damage occurs, is essential. Fone Fix offers protective reinforced glass solutions to give your screen the best chance of survival. All screen protection is installed free and installed with every screen replacement service.

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iPhone XR Screen Repairs & Replacement

Like all iPhones, the screen replacement service is the one we get most often. Thankfully your old damaged display can be easily detached and replaced with a new part. the display and the front glass come attached together as one part, so if you are unable to see your display, not to worry, this will also be replaced during the repair. Screen installations are normally completed within half an hour upon arrival depending on stock availability.

iPhone XR Battery Replacement 

iPhone XR Battery, charging and power issues can play havoc with our devices, often with no clear indication of the cause. Faulty charger? damaged battery or something else? the majority of the time, we can fix charging issues without having to replace the parts for a fraction of the price. Talk to us today about the exact issue you are experiencing and we can run through your service options.

iPhone XR Rear Glass Repair

The iPhone XR back glass is wafer thin and is highly sustainable to damage. In addition. the part itself comes attached the the internal housing and reapir costs are not cheap. If your XR is new, we strongly recommend to but a very good case that protects the back from general wear and tear. the rear glass takes slightly longer than the average repair but most can be completed within the same day.

iPhone XR Software Faults

In addition to hardware issues, the software can also malfunction and render your XR useless. The device can totally freeze or get stuck in a software loop of death. There are many symptoms that could indicate a software error and most of theses issues can resolved with relative ease. We can even backup any lost data prior to fixing the device.


iPhone XR Water Damage Repairs 

Liquid and iPhones are simply not compatible. Yes the iPhone XR is water resistant but certainly not waterproof. Even if it was marketed as being waterproof, I wouldn’t be going for a swim with it anytime soon. The amount if water damage enquires we can on a daily bases is staggering. Regardless of the type of liquid, coke, toilet and sea water, beer and baby sick, we have seen it all. With this type of repair, the sooner we can start work on the device, the better your chances are of success. Note: Never try to plug the device into the power after getting wet, this can short-circuit the mainboard and make any repair or data recovery attempt much more complex.

iPhone XR Lost Data Recovery

Data recovery services are normally required when all other methods to power the device on have been exhausted. Its much better for you to have a working device back and the data inside. In the event that the work to salvage the device fails, then we can extract your missing files directly from the main board.

What Is The Best Way To Protect My iPhone XR?

It’s not a question of where, but what is the best protection for your iPhone X? the next question you need to ask yourself is, what is the thing that is most likely to get damage? the answer is, the screen, battery and the back glass. We stock all the leading protective cases for the latest models of iPhone plus we install tempered glass for fee with every repair. You can prevent damage to the battery by always ensuring you use Australian certified charging accessories.

Can I Post My iPhone XR For Repair?

Any customers that are outside of Sydney NSW can mail the iPhone directly to us for repair. In almost all circumstances we can fix your fault and have the device posted back within the same day. Prior to posting your iPhone, it’s always a good idea to give us a call first to discuss your repair.

Searching For Another Service? 

If you are unable to find the answers to your questions feel free to contact us directly or take a look at our list of repair services we offer in-store.

Phone repair servicesRepair Price from
Screen Repairs$89
Back Glass Repair$60
Battery / Charging Fault$80
Buttons & Switches$60
Camera Lens$40
Camera Repair$80
Data Recovery$200
Network Unlocking$80
No Power$40
Software Fault$120
Sound Faults$80
Water Damage$120

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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