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iPhone X Repairs Cost & Time

iPhone XRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone X Screen Repair$24030 mins
iPhone XS Screen Repair$27030 mins
iPhone X Screen ProtectorFREENA

Expert Sydney iPhone Repair Services for all iPhone models.

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Do Apple In Sydney Offer iPhone X Repair Services?

Yes, both Apple stores in Sydney on George Street and Oxford Street in Bondi Junction offer repair services for all new Apple models. The pros are that you know for sure that you will be getting a genuine Apple screen. The cons are you usually end up paying more and the turnaround times can be horrendous. If your iPhone was purchased overseas, theres a high chance Apple wont even service the device, why? We have no idea, as there are no reported compatibility issues with repairing iPhones from other countries and we have repaired thousands of them with no issues. Genius Bar booking are also required prior to any fix as the device will have to undergo an pre-assessment.

Complementary iPhone X Protection With Every Screen Repair

In addition to our expert repair service, complementary EFM case, we are also including Kinglas tempered glass screen protection retailing at $20. Kinglas protection is 9 times harder than normal glass, highly scratch resistant and  together with the EFM Cayman case, you can be rest assured your iPhone X is well protected.  The protective glass layer will be installed by the technician onsite after the new screen replacement has been installed.

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iPhone X Screen Replacement

We specialise in iPhone X screen replacement services. Installation is actually fairly straight forward and is much less labour intensive than other iPhone models.

iPhone X Battery Repairs

If you are experiencing power or charging issues, the iPhone X battery can be removed an reinstalled with a brand new one. In some instances for power issues, no repaired are required as cleaning the device can resolve many charging faults. Our cleaning services are only $40.

iPhone X Back Glass Repairs

The rear glass panel of the  X can also be replaced if shattered. This is not so straight forward as the back glass come attached with the complete rear housing.

iPhone X Software Repairs

iPhones can get software issues for any number of reasons. If the device is stuck in a loop, disabled or showing “connect to iTunes” we can reinstall your OS and restore the phones functionality  back to normal.


iPhone X Liquid Damage Repairs 

Water resistant yet unfortunately not water proof. If you iPhone X has taken a splash and is no longer working as it should, we offer expert services in corrosion removal and mainboard PCB micro-soldering repairs.

iPhone X Data Recovery

If all attempt at fixing have been exhausted or you know the device is totally unsalvageable. In the event that you have also lost the data, we can most likely get it back for you. Our recovery success rate is extremely high and the best part is, if we can’t get it, we will not charge you for the service.

Where Can I Get the Best iPhone X Protection in Sydney?

It’s not a question of where, but what is the best protection for your iPhone X? the next question you need to ask yourself is, what is the thing that is most likely to get damage? the answer is, the screen, battery and the back glass. We stock all the leading protective cases for the latest models of iPhone plus we install tempered glass for fee with every repair. You can prevent damage to the battery by always ensuring you use Australian certified charging accessories.

I Am Not In Sydney, Can You Still Fix My iPhone?

Yes, many of our customers live outside NSW. If your out of state, you can simply post your iPhone directly to us. We will repair the fault upon arrival and can usually get it posted back to you within the same day, this service is ideal for customer who live in rural areas with no access to a local repair centre.

Looking For A Different Service? 

If you are unable to locate the service you require, you can contact a member of our team to discuss or browse through our Sydney Apple Repair Services for more information

Phone repair servicesRepair Price from
Screen Repairs$89
Back Glass Repair$60
Battery / Charging Fault$80
Buttons & Switches$60
Camera Lens$40
Camera Repair$80
Data Recovery$200
Network Unlocking$80
No Power$40
Software Fault$120
Sound Faults$80
Water Damage$120

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As a precaution, if possible, please ensure to do a backup of your data prior to arrival. All iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes & come with free glass protection.



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