Hard Drive Data Recovery Sydney

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in Sydney CBD. As mobile devices have limited storage space and cloud services now charging fees. Many of us store our data directly onto external hard drives. If the hard drive crashes or the files become corrupt, in most cases we can successfully extract the inaccessible data.

Hard Drive Recovery Cost

Data Recovery Recovery CostService Time
Any recoverable sets of data $300.00 Standard: 5-7 Business Days
Any recoverable sets of data $500.00Express: 1-2 Business Days

Your Hard Drive is clicking or non-responsive?

Sometimes, hard drives can just seem to crash for no apparent reason, the drive wont sync to the computer or you may even hear a strange clicking noise coming from inside. Unfortunately, these are all very common issues and the cause can vary over a wide range of faults or miss practice. In any instance, if this has happened to you, don’t worry, we have encountered this issue many times and have an extremely high success rate in recovering the lost data.

Your Hard Drive has a Virus and the Data is Corrupted

If bug has found its way into your Hard Drive and has corrupted the data inside the files, you may not be able to access them or you may see strange coding where the data used to be. Malicious Malware can be transmitted to our hard drives in several ways including, sketchy downloads from the web or transition from device to device. In any case, regardless of the aggressiveness of the malware or the depth of encryption, in most circumstances we can successfully retrieve the data.

Your Hard Drive is Physically Damaged and Won’t Respond

As Hard Drives are designed to be durable, when they get damaged, in most instances, it’s normally with the USB connections that have experienced wear and tear over time. Alternatively, you may have damaged the connection or the device may have been dropped and internal components dislodged.  You may also want to check the cables you are using are not also damaged to prevent a repeat occurrence in the future. Our expert recovery technicians are highly skilled in both software and hardware procedures offering you a full range of expertise ensuring the best chance of securing your data.

Your Hard Drive has been exposed to liquid

Micro Electronics and liquid are simply not compatible for obvious reasons. Recovering data from corroded motherboards can involve extremely complex work. We specialise specifically in extracting data from devices that have been wet, rusted, corroded and show no signs of life with great success rates. If your device has been wet, DO NOT try to plug it into a power source as this could cause additional damage.

You can specify the Data you need recovered

We can recover specific data, so if you only need a file or document your data recovery will be priced accordingly. If you shop around, you may be quoted numbers that run into the thousands for this type of service, in some rare instances the data can only be extracted directly from the disk, for this procedure a fully equipped cleanroom is required and prices range from $1500-$200 plus. The reality is, in most cases this type of service in not required to recover data as other more cost effective, tried and tested method are available to you.

As our success rates are so high, unlike most companies, If the recovery is impossible you won’t pay anything.
If the data on your Hard Drive is inaccessible, speak to our technicians today. If we can retrieve the data, you’ll have it back quickly and securely. For emergencies, priority Data Recovery Sydney services are also available.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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      Visit us in-store at Bondi Junction or book our pickup/drop off service from Sydney CBD.

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