Apple IOS Updates – Should you update the software or not?

What is an Apple IOS update?

When it comes to Apple IOS updates, first we have to look at how our devices are being used. I don’t know the exact numbers, but I can take a safe guess that the majority of iPhone users have chosen Apple as their preferred manufacture, aside from being branding brainwashed, is because of the ease of access. Navigating your way seamlessly through the IOS user interface to locate your favourite app or your latest photo gallery addition. We want it slimmer, better, faster, more aesthetically pleasing with a brain that can outmatch our own. This consumer demand is just one of the contributing factors to require a software update.

Why do I need to Update my iPhone?

We need IOS updates to basically maintain and hopefully improve on functionality, compatibility and user experience of applications and everything within them. Forget calls and text, it’s the Apps we are addicted to and rely on so much. The companies who create the apps, being the lovely people that they are, continuously strive hard in an effort to make the user experience a more pleasurable one for us. In order to achieve this uncontrollable urge to serve our needs, their applications will need to be updated in order to upload the new cool changes the developers have made to the operating system.

Apple IOS testing period

Yes, believe it or not. Before any major software updates, the OS will be rigorously testing prior to launch. This however does not seem to prevent continuous problems for users after taking a leap of faith and pressing the update button. Test versions are given to users (normally apple techs) in an attempt to iron out any potential issues. The reason why some of them are missed is unclear, perhaps the rush to release the device and meet consumer demand affects the time required to rectify any pre existing issues. Anyway, all the more reason to do the next update right?….errrm not so fast.

Should you click yes to an Apple IOS update?

Whether or not you update the software will usually depend on the individual’s particular circumstances. For example, I personally never update my software, instead I upgrade the model (with the latest software) every few years. This works for me and I have never had a problem, the OS is as speedy as the day I got it, 4 years later. But I don’t play games on my phone and I don’t have apps feeding me information every second of the day. However “Jane Doe” for example, has only one ambition in life, to beat her last best score on her favourite game. As the months pass by, Janes keeps playing, getting closer  and closer to her goal. Meanwhile, unknown to Jane, the developers have also been playing away, and all of a sudden it’s time to change. Shock horror, the app has stopped working, the OS is too old, it needs updating for Jane to continue her journey. Jane unfortunately has no choice but bend over, plug her phone in, and click the update button.

What are the Pros of updating?

  • Improved security
  • Will “fix” any bugs in prior updates 🙂

What are the Cons of updating?

  • Decrease battery life
  • slow operating system
  • camera blackout
  • audio blackout
  • frozen software
  • Glitchy Software

Can issues be fixed after a bad software update?

Yes and no. It entirely depends what issues have arose from the update. For example, a battery can easily be swapped out but a device that gets stuck on a boot-loop can be more complex to resolve.

Conspiracy Theories

Big company’s primary goal is to make more money. Although it’s a nice fantasy to believe that they have our best interests at heart, despite what is forced upon us with fancy advertising, we the consumer, will always come second to turnover and profit. 

For years now there has been conspiracy theories surrounding Apple iPhone updates. The most common being that they render older models practically useless in an attempt to make people upgrade to the new one. But is there any truth to the theory?

Apple’s Admission Of Guilt

Apple actually confirmed that when you upgrade the software on your old iPhone, it can make it run slower!

Apple’s Disaster Scenario

Remember, Apple releases a new phone every year and they want you to make that annual investment. Holding onto a perfectly functional iPhone 6 for 4-5 years would be an absolute disaster case scenario for profits. Speaking of profits, word on the street is that Apple will soon be removing the ability to backup your device in iTunes forcing customer to pay for iCloud, from my own personal experience, customer don’t use iCloud because they don’t trust it, don’t understand it or simply don’t want to keep putting money in Apple’s pocket. If Apple remove the option to backup directly to your computer, I think it will have a huge negative impact on the consumer. 

Why doesn’t it affect all older iPhones?

If the internal battery is in good condition, it will be able to deal with energy fluctuations in the processor that rips power from the battery during an update. “Old” batteries or ones that have maxed there charging cycles, tend to impacted more severely. In many cases we have come across, the battery can suddenly die while using applications like WhatsApp, playing a game or watching a video on youtube. Outside of this, the devices seem to function perfectly. This is because while using applications, extra tasks are required from the processor demanding more power from the battery that it simply cannot handle.

Is There A Risk Free Way to Upgrade The Software?

Basically, no. Always assume the worst case scenario. That the update will fail and that your device will never turn on again. Always make sure you have backed up your data prior to updating the software, once it’s gone you might not be able to recover it.


  • Make sure you have enough free store space on both the iPhone and the Computer you are backing up to
  • Try to use Apple Original accessories, cables etc when charging or syncing with a computer
  • Do not disconnect the device while syncing. Always wait for the software to finish the processes and eject the device before unplugging
  • Make sure you know your iTunes logins.

IOS Software Update Process

Upgrading to the latest operating system can be done through iTunes or directly on the iPhone itself.

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  2. Connect your device to your computer.
  3. Open iTunes and select your device.
  4. Click Summary, then click Check for Update.
  5. Click Download and Update.
  6. When the installation is complete, your device will automatically restart and your iPhone will be updated on the latest software.

Finish the Upgrade by activating your iPhone

To finish an iOS update, there are a few things you’ll need to do on your iPhone. It will look like it’s in start up mode, just go through and select the required options until your back on the home screen. Process complete.


Updating your iPhone is always going to come with some risk, the older the phone, the higher the risk.  If you’re satisfied with the functionality of the OS, you simply don’t have to take the risk.

Please Note: Apple updates come with new important security features, depending on what you use your iPhone for, you may want to read up on this before making a decision. 

It’s good practice to wait for a few weeks after a new update launch. This will give you the opportunity to see if people start reporting issues with it or not.

Is Apple purposely destroying our valued possessions to try to make even more money from us? I’ll leave that for you to decide. But in any case, ask yourself, even if it’s true, I bet you will still go out and buy the next one. Yeah I know right! I hate myself too, but I just can’t stand Androids! 🙂

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